Representation of Peace in Literary Art

Peace and art
Image Representation of Peace in Literary Art

Literature is the most usual way to represent peace; in other words, it is common to use words to convey the idea of peace to the world. ;The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, for example, shares his unique message of peace by depicting it in a mural in London, using attractive colors.

In addition, to represent peace through literary art, he published his best-seller on peacekeeping to enhance global harmony. The literary art has, obviously, transformed their lives for the better. Let us find out more about the representation of Peace in Literary Art in this article.

The literary theme focuses on violence and terrorism

Due to the emergence of the conflicts and violence in many parts of the world, the contemporary depiction of peace through literature evolves around terror attacks. In other words, acts of terrorism and threats of violence have become the main subjects of the literature.

Ongoing cases of violence have emerged in many parts of the world since the 9/11 attack in the USA. Suicide bombings have resulted in the death of a large number of casualties in September 2004. Additionally, instances of kidnappings have increased, causing many school-aged students to be held in captivity and forced into sex.

Peace is in retreat

Obviously, current literary arts exhibit the regression of peace through literature. Most literature focuses on the frail condition of peace in the society and in the world. Crime rate is on the rise, insecurity terrifies people in the society and in the world.

The literary art describes the challenges met by peacekeepers, police officers and other responsible individuals in the fight for peace. Investigations have become hard to conduct due to the cleverness of the perpetrators, who nowadays use more sophisticated technology to promote violence and terrors.

Call for assistance from international community

To address the issues of widespread violence in the world, literary art goes towards the need to call upon the international community to put an end to violence. They are the only hope for the establishment of long-lasting peace in the world. Literary art suggests the need to uproot the factors to violence and inter-nation conflicts so that peace in the world could be established.

In addition, literary art describes the need to sign peace treaties in order to crack down on violence. Furthermore, a call for a ceasefire is crucial to prevent the killings of us in conflicting zones.

Promoting peace education

Another key element in the representation of peace in literary art is to stimulate peace education among people. Nowadays, literary art represents peace by teaching people about the value of volunteering for peace-building initiatives within each nation. In other words, literary art shows the values of good education and knowledge in promoting peace. Civilized societies are represented as the ones which can live in harmony, whereas uncivilized nations are characterized by conflicts and wars.

Empowering each individual with their inner strength

Through his book entitled, "When the Desert Blooms" (2018), the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat has helped millions of people to regain new hope in life, upon discovery of their inner strength.Other authors have equally strived to empowering women and children thanks to global peace education. Definitely, poetry and literature nowadays represent peace by focusing more on energizing young people to denounce terrorism and acts of violence.