Representation of peace in the art of movie-making

Peace and movies
Image Representation of peace in the art of movie-making

As a promoter of peace, Prem Rawat is devoted to sharing his unique message of peace to the world. Besides, other initiatives have been taken by the ambassador of peace to build sustainable peace. This is carried out through a type of meditation, which is known as "Knowledge". Its objective is to impart the world with their inner strength through which they can be at peace.

On the other hand, artists have used different ways to promote peace in movies. Movies are nowadays the most common leisure activity. Movies can be watched on most electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, computers, and other. In this article, let us consider the representation of peace in the art of movie-making.

Movies depict an increase in violence

Many decades ago, movies have shown scenes of violence displaying conflicts and wars among countries. Powerful nations waged wars against less powerful countries, which possess natural resources and great wealth. Obviously, nowadays, movie themes evolve around inter-nation conflicts, where a region attacks another due to the fights over power.

The advance in technology in terrorism acts are equally depicted in movies. This includes the use of the new forms to contemporary weapons and tools to wage war against another group or another country. For example, the use of cyber warfare and microbiology to wage war against another nation has become topical. Therefore, researches on methods to overcome such issues have become popular themes in the art of moviemaking.

The presence of a hero to save the universe

Movies depict the presence of a mighty army which manages to annihilate the Earth population. Movies depict apocalyptic scenes showing the end-time events when the perpetrators become more and more powerful. The world is seen as helpless, being subjected to the authority of a unique ruler who oppresses the people. The leader's aim is to dominate the world and to impose sanctions and killings on anyone who refuse to obey their domination.

The scene is rather gloomy to see, as only few humans can withstand in the end. The earth is shown as if it is filled with a dark smoke, causing difficulty of breathing to the survivors. Even so, the representation of peace is depicted through the arrival of a mightier savior who finally comes to the rescue of the survivors on earth. Thus, the happy ending in the movie shows that peace usually wins the war against violence.

Living in the outer space to find peace

In the art of movie making, peaceful universe is never found on earth. In other words, movies often show that we are to be ruled by a merciless powerful authority, governed by some elites who live in the outer space. They make the earth population work day and night to serve them.

In addition, the art of movie making often show the most tragic natural disasters to strike the earth and reduce the earth into nothing. Therefore, peace can never be attained on earth. Owing to that, some powerful individuals will move to the outer space to attain peace.

In brief, it can be said that the art of movie making depicts global peace as a utopia, unlike what Prem Rawat has often mentioned in his unique message of peace, which highlights the possibility to establish peace in the world.